NM Congresswoman Introduces Temporary Asylum Bill for Canadian Truckers

Monday morning on FOX and Friends, guest co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy interviewed New Mexico Congresswoman Yvette Herrell, who has introduced a bill that would offer temporary asylum to Canadians protesting vaccine mandates. The bill is being introduced as the “Freedom Convoy” clears out this week with Ottawa police towing nearly 100 vehicles and arresting nearly 200 activists. 

Congresswoman Herrell shared that Canada’s reaction resembles those of authoritarian regimes like Venezuela. Herrell confirmed that police brutality is being used to provoke the truckers in order to justify the crackdown on their right to protest. She explained that Trudeau’s Emergencies Act is “out of line” as the actions of peaceful protestors do not “warrant what he is trying to do,” adding that it is an attack on freedom. 


Herrell explained that the language in the bill she has introduced will offer temporary asylum, just as they do with political asylum for Venezuelans and others who need protection from their “heavy-handed government.” With the Canadians’ bank accounts and assets being frozen, Herrell has recognized that they need temporary asylum until their government stops using the Emergencies Act to threaten them. 

In response to Rachel’s inquiry about whether the United States should be worried that Canada’s tactics may be seen here, Herrell said that it is a possibility. Still, Herrell is standing strong for freedom to resist any type of regime style government that is a threat to the people of Canada or America. She added that the two are countries that allow for peaceful protests and if the Canadian government gets away with their power, their actions may extend to other countries. 


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