NY and TX Mothers Discuss the Consequences of Masking Kids

Thursday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed two mothers, one from New York City and another from Texas, who are leading the fight to unmask children. Natalya Murakhver, organizer of #MaskLikeAKid, and Vanessa Steinkamp, a teacher from Texas, expressed their frustration with the hypocrisy of masking, not “following the science,” and the aftermath of lifting mask mandates for children.

In response to New York Governor Hochul’s continued mask mandate for school children, Murakhver shared that as a Democrat, she will not support any politician who does not put kids first. Adding that the masks have been a detriment to learning, Murakhver explained that students are at different levels of learning as a result of remote teaching and the amount of assistance they were able to receive at home. She explained that this divide in the classroom only has negative effects on children as does witnessing the hypocrisy of “human rights” politicians who are blatantly ignoring the lives and rights of school children.


Steinkamp, who is from Texas and whose children have not had to wear masks since August of 2021, explained the heartbreaking effects mask-wearing has had on children. Though they can now take the masks off in her school district, Steinkamp shared that many children face anxiety now unmasking as they have “been treated as a biohazard for the past two years.” 


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