NYC Cafe Owner Says Business is Suffering Due to Migrants Filling Hotels Instead of Tourists

Wattle Cafe owner Ana Ivkosic joined FOX and Friends Monday morning to discuss how her New York City business has been suffering since migrants replaced tourists in nearby hotels. 

Ivkosic explained that her business relies on the revenue from tourists, but without them staying near her business, revenue has been significantly down. She shared that it is not just her business that is suffering, but others around the hotels have found a similar decline in business. 


The lack of tourism has created a “ghost town feel,” Ivkosic explained, adding that the empty streets are a deterrent to others who may have considered going into businesses in the surrounding area. 

Wattle Cafe is located in the Financial District, one of “the most highly sought after real estate locations in New York.” Ivkosic suggested that there is likely a better place for migrants to be housed so that businesses in the community do not suffer. 


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