NYC Councilman Argues Self-Defense Should Not Be Considered Criminal Activity

New York City councilman Joe Borelli (R) joined Steve Doocy Friday morning on FOX and Friends to discuss how the lawlessness in New York City is forcing people to take care of themselves, but ending up behind bars if they do. Borelli referenced the case of the bodega worker, Jose Alba, who acted in self-defense against a criminal repeat offender, and ended up in Rikers Island himself charged with murder. 

Alba was released yesterday from Rikers Island, but New Yorkers are still outraged that the District Attorney charged him with murder in the first place. Borelli argued that this was “not one bad’s the perversion of our criminal justice system.”  Borelli says “the message from the woke left prosecutors is that you must let people steal from you, you must let people assault you, and if you in a moment of genuine fear try to defend yourself, you might be the criminal and behind bars in Rikers Island.” 


Borelli firmly asserted that New York City has seen years of woke police policies and a woke, progressive District Attorney that have forced people to “take matters into their own hands.” He adds that because of their policies, New York City is now more dangerous where more hardworking men feel unsafe and unprotected by the lawlessness plaguing the city. 


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