NYC Hotel Employee Details ‘Total Chaos’ as Migrants Trash Rooms

Employee at the Row Hotel in New York City, Felipe Rodriguez, joined Ainsley Earhardt Tuesday morning on FOX and Friends to describe the deteriorating conditions of his hotel as migrants continue to trash rooms. 

Rodriguez, who tends to all guests giving them what they need, shared that he has witnessed “total chaos” in his hotel. He explained that there is no accountability, and the city allows the people to destroy the rooms through their program. 


Unfortunately, the people who are paying the price for it are the hotel workers who are surrounded by the drugs, alcohol, and violence that migrants are bringing in. The general manager sadly does not seem to care about the “hostile conditions” as long as the money keeps coming in, Rodriquez said. 

Although there are some who expressed gratitude for the free food and free shelter, most do not care, said Rodriguez, who explained that there are many who believe they are “entitled” to it all and that the “hotel is theirs.”


When asked about whether Rodriquez is worried about any repercussions for speaking out, he replied that someone has to do it for the workers.

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