Ohio Governor Defends Train Derailment Response as Residents Grow Weary

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) joined FOX and Friends Friday morning to discuss the dangerous train derailment in his state that is said to have released highly toxic chemicals into the air and water triggering major health concerns among locals. 

East Palestine residents have shared concerns over their health, referencing discoloration and rashes of the skin as well as “odd tingling sensations” in the gums and lips. 


Transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg is nowhere to be found as residents demand answers. 

DeWine explained that the EPA visited the area yesterday. The governor and EPA are saying that the “air is good” after the testing. DeWine said that the most important thing for the public is that the air quality is constantly being monitored, adding that it has thus far been found to be “good,” and even suggesting that people can now drink city or village water. However, private wells are still in the process of being tested and people are being advised not to drink that water until the test results come back. 


Acknowledging that this has been a “traumatic experience,” DeWine said the state is bringing in “experts” in toxicity and exposure to chemicals. A clinic will also be set up for the people of Ohio to receive help if they have concerns “out of an abundance of caution.”

In response to the animals dying on land and in the water as well as people reporting alarming health symptoms, DeWine said that they have been telling people to see their doctors and they are also setting up clinics so that doctors can administer health assessments there as well. 


If health problems arise in the future, DeWine asserted that the railroad will be held responsible for it. 

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