Pennsylvania Resident Leaves for Ukraine Bringing Aid and Supplies

Monday morning on FOX and Friends, Pennsylvania resident Oleg describes the humanitarian mission he is taking back to his native country, Ukraine, where he is going to provide supplies and aid to people in need. Leaving later today, Oleg is prepared to stay and help Ukrainians the best way he can. 

Oleg’s plan is to fly to Poland and take a car into Ukraine going as far east as possible to join with an organized humanitarian effort in the area. While the war rages on, Oleg explained at this time, his mission is purely humanitarian. He is bringing with him first aid supplies, food, warm clothing, and personal hygiene products among other items to distribute to Ukrainians. After arriving, Oleg will determine whether he will stay at the site to volunteer or drive supplies back and forth between Poland and Ukraine. 


Regarding Russia’s invasion, Oleg explained that any indication that Ukraine wants to be part of Russia is propaganda, adding that it is clear that Ukraine wants to maintain their independence and freedom from Russia. 


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