Piers Morgan Slams Prince Harry’s Hypocrisy After ’60 Minutes’ Interview

Fox Nation host Piers Morgan joined Ainsley Earhardt Monday morning on FOX and Friends to share his reaction to Prince Harry’s 60 Minutes Interview with Anderson Cooper in which he defended his decision to speak publicly about his family, and for him and Meghan to keep their titles after they abandoned royal duties. 

Morgan pointed straight to Harry’s hypocrisy citing that he begs for privacy from the press and freedom from the institution, but is the one who is intruding the most into the family with his tell-all book, Netflix series, and countless high-profile interviews. Morgan pointed to another example of Harry’s hypocrisy citing his accusations that Camilla, the Queen Consort, was “dangerous” because of how she would use the press against the family, while Harry is in fact the one doing so now.


Noting Harry and Meghan maintaining their royal titles as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Morgan suggested that the reason they want their titles is because they have raked in hundreds of millions of dollars because of them. 


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