President Biden Fails to Convince Americans That He is Doing a Good Job

Thursday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt discussed President Biden’s first formal press conference in months with partner and president at Maslansky & Partners, Lee Carter, who broke down his poor performance. Citing grades as low as “F” and “D” from Independents, Carter shared that Biden failed to convince Americans that he is doing a good job. 

Discussing topics including the voting rights bill, inflation, school closures, and empty grocery stores among others, President Biden could not successfully defend his message. Carter explains that it reflects poorly on the President when Americans, who experience the impact of these issues on a daily basis and express concern, are told that none of them are really issues. 


Carter asserts that President Biden, who claimed to be the “every man,” is severely out of touch with reality. With prices going up, and the working class facing more and more challenges, she shares that circumstances are not getting better and no one is buying the message from the President who is living in a bubble separate from everyday Americans. 


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