Private Security Company in High Demand as Police Face Staff Shortages, Rising Crime

Dr. Roy Taylor, the owner of Capitol Special Police, a private security company, joined FOX and Friends Thursday morning to discuss how his business has spiked with police staff shortages and an increase in crime. 

Taylor explained that though his business has grown 20%, “it is something not to be proud of,” adding that they do not like seeing crime increase and people not supporting local police. He shared that he has an “excellent working relationship” with the local police department which has notified him that the work his company is doing is making a notable difference in the areas where they are present. 


To keep homes and communities safer, Taylor recommended people have floodlights around their houses and some type of security system which has helped solve a lot of crimes. He also told viewers to be alert in their communities and contact their security company if they see any suspicious activity. 


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