Pro-Life Organization Chairman Demands Stronger Condemnation of Attacks

Tuesday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Wisconsin Family Council Chairman Jack Hoogendyk to discuss his reaction to the arson attack against his organization that took place on Mother’s Day in which two Molotov cocktails that did not ignite were thrown into the window of the building which was also vandalized. 

Hoogendyk explained that Wisconsin Family Action is an organization that spreads a good message and doesn’t do anything negative; they are pro-family, pro-marriage, pro-life, and pro-religious liberty. 


In response to the attack, Hoogendyk shared that he appreciates what the White House had to say, but wishes there was a “much stronger message of condemnation” from the governor and local law enforcement. Hoogendyk warned that if a stronger message condemning such violence and attacks is not delivered, then Americans will only see more of this behavior. 


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