Rep. Comer Argues Hunter Biden Has Bigger Problems Than Gun, Tax Charges

Rep. James Comer joined FOX and Friends Friday morning to discuss the potential gun and tax charges against Hunter Biden, which Comer called “small potatoes” compared to the major crimes Hunter has committed. 

Comer argued that more concerning than the Washington Post’s report is that Hunter Biden is a national security threat, noting that there is mounting evidence that he was “an undisposed foreign agent,” and involved in a money laundering scheme among other problematic dealings. Comer noted that another serious point of concern is that Hunter’s business dealings have compromised Joe Biden. 


As evidence against Hunter piles up, Comer asserted that the investigation is not political. “The more that comes out, the worse it sounds,” said Comer who explained that Republicans have been investigating Hunter Biden because of the threat he and his business dealings have posed to national security. 


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