Rep. Dan Crenshaw Argues For Use of Military Force Against Cartels, Reacts to Afghanistan Withdrawal Testimonies

Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw joined FOX and Friends Thursday morning to discuss his argument that the U.S. government should work with the Mexican government to stop cartels, and authorize military force to do so. Crenshaw proposed that the president of the United States and the president of Mexico “fight the cartels together.” 

Crenshaw explained that he does not believe that the president of Mexico will join the U.S. in targeting cartels because he “does not understand” why America finds it bad that people are being killed by the fentanyl being trafficked by the cartels. The president of Mexico called Crenshaw’s reference “propaganda.”


The cartels should be targeted, not just to save American lives, but to save the lives of Mexicans too who, Crenshaw said, are also terrorized by the violent and deadly cartels.

While the White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed that the fentanyl crisis is at a “historically low level” right now, Crenshaw called out her false claim noting that tens of thousands of people are being killed by fentanyl and hundreds and hundreds of pounds of fentanyl are being confiscated. 


Crenshaw suggested authorizing military force is a viable solution to get the fentanyl crisis and cartels under control. He explained that this means using intelligence collections capabilities to work with the Mexican government and increasing penalties. Crenshaw warned against designating cartels terrorist organizations as such a label would cause America’s border to become even more overwhelmed than it already is now.

Regarding the Afghanistan withdrawal hearings, Crenshaw said the testimony of Sgt. Tyler Vargas-Andrews was “heartbreaking.” Crenshaw added that what also is heartbreaking is that many Americans have forgotten who is responsible for the deaths of our thirteen heroic service members. While the families of these heroes have not forgotten, Crenshaw asserted that Congress has not forgotten either, and they will ensure that the Biden administration is held accountable for their disastrous withdrawal. 

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