Rep. Dan Crenshaw Calls Out Biden Admin For Not Following Their Own Rules Regarding Classified Documents

Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw joined FOX and Friends Tuesday morning to discuss the classified documents that were found in Biden’s personal home, and the White House claims that there were no visitor logs kept at the president’s Delaware home. 

Crenshaw explained that whether or not that was a “sign-in” sheet, he is more concerned with the way the situation is being handled in comparison to how Trump was treated after classified documents showed up in his home. Although he does not agree with these rules, Crenshaw shared that he just wants the Democrats to follow the rules they set on how to react to situations like these, which is to “freak out” and send in the FBI to raid the home. Instead, Crenshaw points out that Biden’s personal team of lawyers is going through the residence, not the FBI. 


As far as handling classified documents that show up after presidents leave office, Crenshaw believes it is often a mistake made in the chaos of packing up tons of material, and should be handled accordingly without sending in the FBI to raid a residence. 

Crenshaw shared that he is frustrated that these documents were found before the midterm elections, but it was not revealed until after the midterms and until the media covered it. Crenshaw called out the White House for not being transparent. 


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