Rep. Dan Crenshaw Explains ‘One of the Worst Scandals of Our Lifetime’

Monday morning on FOX and Friends, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) discussed what he called “one of the worst scandals that we’ve had in our lifetime,” regarding the Hillary Clinton campaign’s alleged attempt to frame candidate and President Donald Trump. 

Crenshaw explained that what was suspected now looks like it can be proven regarding the “Russian Collusion” scheme. Crenshaw described that “they’ve tried to manufacture two different narratives here. One we already knew about, it was this alpha bank conspiracy where the Trump organization was using this bank as a cutout to communicate with the Russians. That turned out to be completely bogus, but now it looks like they had somebody on the inside, somebody who was in charge of the DNS systems, the servers inside the White House, while Trump was President; somebody who could extract data from that and then look through it and try to spin and create. They were instructed to do this by Clinton lawyers, instructed to create a narrative that would make it seem to the…unquestioning media allies that there was indeed a current secret backdoor connection between the White House and Putin.”

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