Rep. Dan Crenshaw Explains the Symbolism Behind Maskless Elites

Monday morning on FOX and Friends, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) discussed more elitist mask hypocrisy among celebrities that was seen at the Super Bowl. While they enjoyed a maskless night, the waitstaff surrounding them were masked. Recalling the Met Gala event, Crenshaw points to the repeated hypocrisy of the rich who walk around maskless while everyone else around them is expected to cover their faces. 

Crenshaw asserted that it is “a symbolic representation of how leftists see themselves as these elites who can tell everybody else what to do.” Adding that “if you’re looking to try and figure out who the good guys and the bad guys are in a given situation, here’s a pretty easy way to do it: The bad guys are probably the ones trying to force others to live under their mandates; the good guys are usually the ones who are fighting for universal freedoms, not freedoms just for themselves, but universal freedoms.”


Crenshaw has introduced legislation to stand up for the working class and others who are being forced to comply with COVID mandates. 


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