Rep. Jim Banks Calls Out Democrats on Trump Obsession While Ignoring Real Issues

Friday morning on FOX and Friends, Rep. Jim Banks (R – Indiana) described the real issues facing America as Democrats obsess over January 6th.

Banks, who was not approved to participate in the committee, argued that last night’s hearing was a “dud” with nothing coming out of it, noting that the real reason they are holding this committee process is to “attack their political opponents.” He added that reports have revealed that the committee is also using this process as a means to “recommend abolishing the electoral college to advance the radical election agenda…to move all states toward mail-in ballots.” 


Banks pointed out the seriousness of the issues facing Americans today such as skyrocketing inflation that is affecting gas prices, food prices, rent, and more. He argues that Democrats do not care about these issues because it is their policies that are causing them. 


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