Rep. Waltz and NBA’s Enes Kanter Freedom Raise Awareness of the Uyghur Genocide During Olympics

Florida Congressman Michael Waltz and Boston Celtics player Enes Kanter Freedom appeared on FOX and Friends Monday morning to discuss their ad raising awareness of the Uyghur genocide in China where the 2022 Winter Olympics are being held. 

Calling them the “genocide games,” Rep. Waltz explained the conditions in China stating that there are “over a million Muslim Uyghur’s with their heads shaved loaded into rail cars [and] sent off to concentration camps. The women are separated and forced to be sterilized; if they’re pregnant they go through forced abortions; there’s a mass rape campaign going on; and then they’re sent out to labor camps that’s making a lot of the products and are a lot of the supply chains for companies that Americans know all too well. Those same companies are now sponsoring these Olympic games; they shouldn’t be. Our athletes shouldn’t be there at all and we want to bring awareness to the world of what’s going on that these companies and everybody participating are complicit in what has been labeled by the Trump administration and the Biden administration as an ongoing genocide.”


Enes Freedom has joined Rep. Waltz’s effort to spread awareness and take a stand against genocide. Freedom shared that unfortunately, he is the only athlete at the moment taking a stand, but is hopeful that more will join him in spreading awareness and taking action. 

Rep. Waltz also pointed out the hypocrisy of those who are ignoring the Uyghur genocide in China stating that “these corporations that want to preach social justice here at home want to boycott baseball in Georgia, but then completely turn a blind eye when it comes to millions of Muslims in concentration camps and slave labor. It’s a hypocrisy that we’re going to call out.” He added that he praises Freedom for being incredibly brave risking his own career to spread awareness of and take a stand against the Uyghur genocide.  


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