RNC Chairwoman Discusses Biden’s Failures and the Possible Return of Hillary Clinton

Friday morning on FOX and Friends, Carley Shimkus interviewed RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel about the Biden Administration’s failures and the question of whether Hillary Clinton, who will speak at the New York Democratic convention, will have yet another presidential run. 

McDaniel pointed out that if Hillary Clinton is the best candidate the Democrats have to put on the ticket, then it shows how weak they really are, especially as 60% of Americans said that they would not reelect Biden in a Fox News poll. Covering just some of Biden’s failures, McDaniel noted that “our country is struggling. Americans are worse off than they were just a year ago with inflation, with rising gas prices, with an open border, with a drug crisis, with what we’re seeing with Russia. I mean on every single level Biden’s been a failure and the American people absolutely are looking for a change in leadership.”


Referencing the Freedom Convoy of truckers in Canada, McDaniel argued that the Biden Administration would act no different than Trudeau if the Supreme Court did not shut down the mandate. She suggested that the Democratic party is “walking away from freedom” while desperate for new leadership. 


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