Ron DeSantis Honors Female Swimmer Who Came in Second to Lia Thomas

Wednesday morning on FOX and Friends, Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich discussed the challenge to fairness in women’s sports as biological male Lia Thomas took first place in the NCAA swimming championship. The panel highlighted Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who is standing up for women by honoring the female swimmer who came in second place in the competition as the real winner. 

Pavlich explained that the NCAA has ignored the equal representation for which women in sports have fought for decades. The consequences of this, Pavlich notes, is that biological males competing in women’s sports are now taking spots away from women who would have earned the spots fairly and whose careers have come to an end because of this. She adds that this is affecting scholarships for women and the opportunities to win titles which is seriously impacting their futures. Pavlich asserted that to ignore this issue is to be against women’s rights with the ignorance of what women have fought so hard to achieve in the field of athletics. 

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