Roseanne Barr Vows to be ‘More Offensive’ Upon Return to Comedy

Comedian Roseanne Barr joined Ainsley Earhardt on FOX and Friends Monday morning to discuss her return to comedy after a 16 year break. Barr is returning with a new comedy special on FOX Nation called ‘Cancel This!’

Barr shared that it was “exciting” to be back in Houston, where her career essentially began, to kick off her return to stand up. Using her own jokes, and taking the opportunity to explain herself, made the experience extra special for Barr.


“It’s hard to write a joke now,” Barr said, commenting on how “ridiculous” the situation is to be “afraid to say anything in this climate.”

“We can’t let them kill comedy. We can’t let these people who are censorers and book burners have the last say over comedy. We have to protect comedy. It’s the last free speech art form. It’s the major free speech art form. It’s the last place you can get up and say what you want to say to the people who want to hear it,” said Barr.


However, Barr and other comedians who were ‘canceled’ have banded together and are choosing to retake comedy to preserve its unique place in entertainment. They have vowed to be “more offensive” when they return to the stage. 

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