Sarah Huckabee Sanders Calls Out Left’s Hypocrisy of Harassment Tactics

Friday morning on FOX and Friends, Arkansas gubernatorial candidate Sarah Huckabee Sanders discussed the hypocrisy of the left as they continue to refuse to condemn any actions undertaken by their supporters to intimidate and harass others going against their agenda.

Sanders explained that it is “mind-boggling” to see the left’s unwillingness to condemn the tactics of harassment they are using and have used in the past noting that as press secretary under President Trump, she was asked to condemn every action that took place anywhere in the country. Sanders was even the first press secretary in history to require secret service protection due to credible threats to her and her family, but that issue also went without comment by the left. 


Regarding the Supreme Court leak of the Roe v. Wade draft opinion, Sanders asserted that “there is no line too far for [the left] to cross to push their agenda.” Sanders stated, “it is probably the single most important issue to the left to push for abortion and the killing of innocent unborn children. They will lie, they will lash out, they will leak and they will try to intimidate our Supreme Court justices all in this cause and it is absolutely disgusting what is happening. I pray for the safety of our justices for their resolve and that they will continue to push for the defense of the most vulnerable among us and I’m very hopeful that the leaked draft that we have seen holds true and that this will be a new day in America where every life has the ability to live in our great country.”


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