Sarah Sanders On Fighting For a Better Future For School Children

Monday morning on Fox and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Arkansas’ gubernatorial candidate Sarah Sanders to discuss COVID-19 regulations and mandates in schools. Sanders firmly asserted that the states should be making the decisions, not the federal government. 

Sanders explained that she opposes the mandates and shutdowns which have failed students and forced them to fall further and further behind. Noting President Biden’s failure to be an effective leader, Sanders pointed out that conservative governors have had to lead in his place, and hopes that they will hold him accountable for his poor decisions. Focusing on the children of America and their future, Sanders stated, “we have to start focusing on closing [the] achievement gap helping push kids into a brighter future. The further they fall behind the harder it is going to be for them to catch up, pushing them into a lifetime of poverty and despair and that is something that is simply unacceptable here in this country.” 


Sanders has raised over $12 million in her run for governor of the state of Arkansas which she credits to her message of “pushing strength back to the states” and fighting back against the radical left. Sanders is optimistic that there will be a “red wave” in 2022.  


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