School Board Member Makes Inappropriate Comments to Maskless Parent

The tension over mask mandates for students has reached a new level of disturbance as one school board member at the Glenbrook School District in a Chicago suburb cursed at a parent and made an inappropriate reference for not wearing a mask while he was speaking at the podium. The parent explained that he has an exemption for wearing a mask, and also referenced the fact that President Biden and the state’s governor do not need to wear masks when they speak at podiums. On FOX and Friends Thursday morning, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed two parents from the district, Jennifer Preston and Paul Kelly, who were in attendance at the board meeting, to discuss their reactions. 

Jennifer shared that she was embarrassed by the incident with the school board adding that they are making a “devastating and terrible” reflection on their community. Referencing their powerful positions, Jennifer explained that, in her opinion, the actions of the school board are only representative of the power and control they have over students. She fears how much more the school board will control in addition to masks as their hunger for power could have no end. 


Paul noted the inappropriate reference made by the school board member at the meeting in which children were in attendance. However, he explained that just as troubling is the intensity of the anger the board member expressed, who was 10-12 feet away from the individual wearing a high-grade mask himself. Paul agreed with Jennifer that the board is “drunk on power,” knowing that their subjects must comply with their demands. Paul is running for the school board in the next election, hoping to make changes that will reflect what is best for students. 


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