School Districts Meet Challenges With Staff Shortages as School Begins

Dekalb, Texas ISD Superintendent Chris Galloway and Duluth, Minn. Superintendent John Magas joined Ainsley Earhardt on FOX and Friends Tuesday morning to discuss how their schools are coping with severe staff shortages ahead of the new school year. While schools are trying their best to run effectively, the staff shortages are forcing them to be creative in how they handle unfilled vacancies. 

Galloway shared that his school passed a four day school week, working Monday through Thursday, leaving one Friday each month for teachers to go in for team lesson planning. With an increase in student enrollment, Galloway explained that the four day work week will help teachers balance their time and be better prepared for the classroom. 


Magas shared that last year he had to substitute for teachers and paraprofessionals in his district due to the shortage. He explained that it is important that the school staff come together to support the needs of their students and they are working hard to ensure that they have high quality faculty and staff to keep the school running. f


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