Scott Mann Urges Americans to Support Afghanistan Veterans and Gold Star Families

Tuesday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Scott Mann, the leader of Task Force Pineapple, to discuss the effect of the Afghanistan War and withdrawal on our military and Gold Star Families. 

Mann shared that he lost over a dozen friends in the Afghanistan War which lasted twenty years. Noting the “botched withdrawal” of Afghanistan, Mann explained that it seems “like we’ve just turned the page on that war [and] that was something with this Memorial Day that was really hard for a lot of our Gold Star Families.” He added that the 800,000 veterans and their families are feeling as though they need to question “what was it for; what was it all about?” Mann suggested that as a nation, we need to focus on helping our veterans, military families, and Gold Star Families recognize that their commitment was “extremely valuable and extremely needed.” 


In his play, Last Out, which turned into a motion picture, Mann tells the story of what our “warriors and families went through day after day, month after month in that twenty year war,” adding that we cannot forget that story. 


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