Sen. Tom Cotton Announces New Book Detailing ‘How Democrats Have Sabotaged American Power’

Monday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) to discuss his new book, Only the Strong, which details “how Democrats have sabotaged American power for the last 100 years and made America weaker in the world.” 

Cotton shared that the idea to write Only the Strong came to him shortly after the collapse of Afghanistan when he was being asked by many how something that could happen. In his book, Cotton explains that “it’s consistent with what you see with Democrats going back decades,” adding that “these things are not accidents, they’re not bad luck, they’re not not misfortune of Democratic presidents, they get back to the roots of Democratic weakness and they don’t believe in American power, they don’t believe in American leadership in the world.” Cotton notes that it is an “intentional choice by Democrats to lead our country into decline.”


In addition to explaining the Democratic party’s poor leadership all the way back to Woodrow Wilson, Only the Strong also provides a “roadmap” of how American strength can be restored. In his book, Cotton also shares insight into his time working with the Trump administration and against the Biden administration trying to “rebuild American power.”

Only the Strong can be preordered now and will be available in the fall. 


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