Small Business Owner Frustrated With City’s Payments to BLM protestors

Zach Monks, whose business in Denver was damaged during the 2020 riots, joined FOX and Friends Thursday morning to discuss his frustration over his city’s payments to Black Lives Matter (BLM) protestors. The city of Denver will pay $4.7 million to protestors after a class action lawsuit claiming they were targeted for violating the curfew during the 2020 riots. 

Monks’ business ‘Sole St. Shoes’ was damaged multiple times in 2020 and lost $170,000 worth of goods. Monks shared that he is frustrated with the city for a lack of support for the businesses. The effects of the riots have been devastating, said Monks, who predicted that it will take 5-10 years for the businesses to recover. 


Right now, more than half of the town’s businesses are gone, said Monks. He is demanding that the city turn Denver into a safe environment and a place where people will want to visit. 


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