Small Business Owners Describe Struggles With Skyrocketing Inflation

Thursday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed small business owners to discuss the impact inflation is having on their businesses. 

The owners of Just Baked Bakery and Deli in Yukon, OK explained that the cost of a case of about fifteen dozen eggs went from about $17 up to $70 due to inflation. The owners shared that though they have a lot of community support, if they do not have a lot of steady business, they may need to close their doors. They have not increased their prices much because they know that if they do, people may not be willing to buy their goods. 


Brandon Brown, the owner of Browns Heating & Air in Virginia shared that the price of gas is making it difficult to run his business where he needs to buy about 400 gallons a week for fifteen vehicles. He shared that he has had to make changes by raising hourly rates to ensure his workers stay, and that has led to an increase in the price for the customers. Brown shared that he has worked out payment plans for customers in need, and during the dreadfully hot days of summer, he will provide free window units until customers are able to pay for the product and service. 

Kalle Simpson, the owner of Discover Night which provides bedding needs such as sheets, shared that her costs are skyrocketing, citing that a container of material cost about $3,000 earlier last year and is now costing $43,000. She shared that in order to keep her business solvent, she has had to make tough decisions on managing employment costs. 


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