South Carolina Restaurant Provides Free In-House Childcare for Employees

Thursday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed co-owners John and Dixie Benca, and one staff member, Summer Rochester, from McGee’s Scot Irish Pub in South Carolina. The restaurant is providing free in-house childcare for their employees with children which has done wonders for their families and the business itself. 

Dixie Benca explained that it all began after they had lost their own sitter for their son after closing down the restaurant due to the COVID 19 pandemic, and when they were permitted to reopen at 50% capacity, they decided to hire a sitter who could watch their son in the party room which was not being used. After an employee shared that they were having issues with childcare, the Benca’s expanded the service to include caring for more children. They checked with and were guided by their local child services department to ensure they were complying with the rules of having a small sitter service. Summer Rochester shared that the service has been wonderful for her and her son who enjoys playing with the other children while not too far from his mother. 


The Benca’s explained the positive impact the childcare service has had on their business. After struggling to fill positions, within weeks of advertising the in-house sitter service they filled three key positions. Now, McGee’s Scot Irish Pub is fully staffed, and they feel blessed to be able to provide such an important service for their employees. 


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