Sports Illustrated Model Shares How Her Strong Faith Helped Her Survive Mini-Stroke, Tumors

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Victoria Vesce, who overcame a mini-stroke that was a complication from tumors she was treated for a few years ago, joined Ainsley Earhardt Thursday morning on FOX and Friends to discuss how her faith has helped her get through her challenging times. 

Vesce explained that having grown up in church and having its influence on her life has helped her find the light in the “dark place” that she was in while battling tumors. She shared that while in the hospital, her strong faith and belief in Jesus is what helped her and brought her back to life after treatment. 


She added that her faith also helped her get through the loss of her mother, who she considered her best friend. 

Vesce’s advice to others going through similar situations, is to have faith in Jesus and find Him if you have not done so yet. She also suggests that others do not judge people because their suffering is not always revealed on the surface. 


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