Sports Illustrated Slammed for Accusing Coach Praying on Football Field of “Eroding Democracy”

Tuesday morning on FOX and Friends, former high school football coach Joe Kennedy, who was fired for praying by himself on the football field, along with First Liberty Institute Special Counsel Jeremy Dys, discussed the Sports Illustrated criticism of Kennedy as the U.S. Supreme Court decision nears. 

With Sports Illustrated saying that a win for coach Kennedy would mean “an erosion of a bedrock of American democracy,” Dys responded by saying it is quite the contrary. Rather, he argues that a win for coach Kennedy would “firm up the support for religious freedom and freedom in general in this country that is found in our Constitution.” As far as the accusation that Kennedy coerced his players into praying, Dys quoted the district’s own words that “there is no evidence of any student being coerced to pray or otherwise during his time as a football coach.” 

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