Steve Harrigan Reports Live From Kyiv as Russian Army Closes In

Friday morning on FOX and Friends, Fox News correspondent Steve Harrigan was live from Kyiv reporting the latest situation in Ukraine as the Russians begin to close in on the capital. Harrigan explained that no one knows how the fighting will end, but the Ukrainian military and civilians are standing to fight. 

Harrigan reported that Russian forces are moving in quickly citing that they were 20 miles outside of Kyiv earlier this morning, and hours later were inside the capital, just several miles from where he was standing. Harrigan explained that while there were ballistic missiles yesterday, today he has only seen small arms fire and the fighting is close contact. He reported that 18,000 rifles were distributed to civilians yesterday and all males ages 18-60 are expected to fight. Regarding people trying to leave Ukraine, Harrigan explained that it is only getting more difficult as the situation escalates with Ukrainian and Russian checkpoints and roadblocks. 


The question still remains, according to Harrigan, of whether “the massive Russian army [is] strong enough to drive out and defeat this nation of 40 million” or if the Ukrainians, who are outmanned, outgunned, and have no money with no one to fight alongside them, are somehow going to stand up to Russia.  


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