Stuart Varney Reacts to Biden’s Self-Praise as Economy Spirals Deeper into Danger

Tuesday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed FOX Business host Stuart Varney to discuss Biden’s ignorance of those suffering under America’s crumbling economy despite Biden’s self-praise for how he has handled the economy and COVID. 

With poll numbers revealing that 83% of the American people describe the economy as poor, Biden’s claim that America has “achieved the most robust recovery in modern history” because of his economic plan falls flat. Varney explained that Biden is trying to group his COVID policies with the economy to fool the American people into thinking he has done a good job in what Varney calls a “desperate political spin operation.” 


Noting the heightened gas prices, Varney asserted that Biden’s economy is only hurting working class people, and his ignorance of the “vicious inflationary spiral” we are in right now is putting our economy in extreme danger. 


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