Survivor of Mao’s Revolution Warns Americans of China’s Communist Policies

Tuesday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Xi Van Fleet, a survivor of Mao’s revolution, to discuss the situation in China where police are beating crowds of people demanding access to their own money months after their accounts were frozen due to COVID protocols. 

Xi explained that “this story tells us that China is in financial crisis,” adding that people must remember China is not a normal country, but a Communist country. She reminded viewers that communism has no respect for private property, human rights, or human lives. Xi also asserted that it is difficult for Americans to imagine such a situation, noting that the crowds of people are not fighting for political rights, but for the rights to their own money. 


Regarding governments working with big tech companies, Xi warned Americans that when these two entities work together to control information, that is when people lose their freedom and “Americans should take notes.” 


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