Tammy Bruce Reacts to Wins of Trump-Endorsed Candidates in Tuesday’s Primaries

Thursday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce to discuss her reaction to Tuesday’s primary elections and victories of Trump-endorsed candidates. 

With a high number of candidates endorsed by Donald Trump winning their primary elections, Bruce explained that the number will change but is “fascinating.” She shared that these candidates are finding success because they are spreading the message of the ‘America first framework’ and appealing to those who support Donald Trump and his policies. Bruce noted that the American people have a clear idea on what needs to change in America and whether they like Donald Trump or not, they have seen the difference between his policies and the ones Americans are dealing with today. Bruce noted that there will be headlines trying to underestimate Donald Trump and his supporters, but she warns against underestimating them. 

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