Teen Entrepreneur Shares How He Started His Successful Baseball Glove Company

Bruce Bolt CEO and founder Bear Mayer joined FOX and Friends Thursday morning to discuss his business making baseball gloves and becoming a teen entrepreneur.

Mayer explained that his business began when he requested gas money and his father told him to either get a job or start a business, and he chose the latter. Mayer’s baseball gloves are being used by professional baseball players and have not just a unique design, but a unique backstory. Each glove has a lightning bolt symbolizing both his grandfather and the movie ‘The Natural’ which inspired the design. 


The gloves have become a sensation for baseball players across the country, both professional and those who play for school teams. Mayer credits its success with the type of leather used, Cabretta, which he says is the most premium leather in the world. Since Mayer began his business at just sixteen years old, it has grown into a great company and will likely continue growing as more people learn about his unique product. 


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