Texas Sheriffs React to End of Title 42, Demand Border Be Shut Down

Monday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Texas sheriffs Brad Coe and Bill Waybourn to discuss the border crisis as the Biden administration is set to end Title 42 next month and DHS braces for 18,000 migrants per day. 

Noting that 20% of Americans will be illegal by the end of Biden’s first term, Sheriff Coe explained that means out of 350 million Americans, 70 million will be illegal. Sheriff Waybourn added that problems already being posed by the border crisis, such as drug cartels and human trafficking, will soar to greater levels of threat. 


Sheriff Coe suggested that the border be shut down and the ports of entry be clogged to bring the Mexican government to the negotiating table, but added that the Biden administration must change their approach and start enforcing the law. Sheriff Waybourn agreed, asserting that the escalating border crisis will only further intensify the danger posed to deputies and Americans. 


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