Tim Tebow Encourages People to Find Their Purpose and Describes His Efforts in Ukraine

Wednesday morning on FOX and Friends, former NFL player and entrepreneur Tim Tebow discussed his efforts in Ukraine along with his new inspirational book, Mission Possible. 

Tebow shared his firm belief in hope and faith that has only grown stronger since finding his own mission and purpose in the world since playing in the NFL. Currently, he is working with nonprofit organizations bringing humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine, especially to special needs communities. Tebow explained that he feels fortunate to work with such heroes who are sacrificing all for their brothers and sisters in Ukraine, adding that though some can leave to safety, they choose to return to their war-torn country to help those in need. 


In his new book, Mission Possible, Tebow hopes that it will help readers find their purpose and trust in God that what they are meant to do, they will be able to do. In a special message of hope, Tebow said “even in the hard situations we still know that we can have peace because it doesn’t come in our situations, it comes in a person.”


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