Tony Robbins Discusses His New Healthy-Living and Life-Changing Book, Life Force

Tony Robbins appeared on FOX and Friends Tuesday morning to discuss his latest book, Life Force, a guidebook to living a fulfilled, prosperous, and healthy life. The book “empowers readers to become the CEO of their own health while providing tools to help turn back the biological clock.” Robbins shared the details on the journey that led him to write the book along with its contents and how it is going to help readers take back control of their lives. 

Robbins explained that he came across stem cell research after learning that he had spinal stenosis. Doctors had told him that his condition was “irreversible,” but Robbins found a way to reverse it. He credits stem cells to his full recovery which includes total relief of the pain he had felt for fourteen years. Robbins also shared experiences of people as young as four years old who restored their strength and lives through stem cell treatment. 


Life Force is “the ultimate guidebook” that gives readers the tools they need to change their lives. Robbins asserted that “we are living in one of the greatest times to be alive,” adding that people are able to extend their lifetimes using “the greatest revolution in medicine.” One hundred percent of book sales are being donated to Feed America, along with research for Alzheimer’s, cancer, and heart disease.


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