Trucking Program Recruits Teenagers to Help Remedy Driver Shortage

Thursday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Lindsey Trent, the president and co-founder of the Next Generation Trucking Association, to discuss their new pilot program to help remedy the shortage of truck drivers. The program is recruiting teenagers between the ages of 18 and 20 to drive tractor trailers across states to get supplies back on store shelves. 

Lindsey shared that this opportunity is particularly special for these teenagers because it provides them with a career pathway into the trucking industry that would allow them to make a good living. Seeking responsible teenagers who are “professional-minded” and safe, Lindsey adds that the program will help foster good habits and bring more safe drivers on the road. The teenagers learn from experienced drivers who accompany them in the truck, each of which have advanced safety features including electronic braking and recording devices, as well as a limited speed of 65 miles per hour.


The young apprentices go through intensive training and a probationary period before they are able to be on their own working for a carrier. The teenagers go through 280 hours of training before they start working for a carrier, and once they do, they have two probationary periods, one with 120 hours, and a second with 280 hours, in addition to competency tests before getting out on the road on their own. Ainsley shares that this program is greatly needed as it will help make up for the shortage of truck drivers and keep store shelves stocked. 


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