Tulsi Gabbard Visits East Palestine, Says the People There ‘Deserve Better’

Fox News contributor Tulsi Gabbard joined Ainsley Earhardt on FOX and Friends Thursday morning to discuss her visit to East Palestine, Ohio after the train derailment that released hazardous chemicals left residents with many concerns. 

Gabbard shared that “the people in East Palestine are incredible,” noting that with all of their fears and concerns, they have come together with “resilience and strength.” With it taking Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg three weeks to visit the town, the people of East Palestine feel forgotten and ignored while they have been pleading for help since the day the disaster struck.


The people of East Palestine “deserve better,” said Gabbard, who said that our nation’s leaders need to step up and be there for them. 

Concerned about the safety of themselves and their families, the people in East Palestine feel that leaders did not share those same concerns as they were telling people to trust them amid animals dying and questionable health conditions. Gabbard argued that making an appearance to take one sip of water is not enough to convince people that everything is safe. 


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