TX Mother Runs for Judge After Family is Mistreated Due to Mask Mandates

Friday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Lauren Davis, an entrepreneur and mother of three from Texas who is running for Dallas County Judge in response to the lawlessness and abuse of mask mandates. Davis explained the mistreatment of her children by the school district in response to them not wearing masks at school. 

Davis shared that her children were separated for not wearing masks and were forced to take classes in plexiglass cages. Her daughter was even put behind cones in PE class while she watched the other children play, and one student even told her that “she deserved to die.” Davis, who is sick of the school district treating her family like a “political enemy” and her kids “as though they were the virus themselves,” is running for office to have her voice heard and to bring justice back to the community. 


Noting that local officials are abusing their power with the use of mandates, Davis asserted that the community deserves better than leaders who exercise such unlawful power. 


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