Ukrainian Fashion Shoe Company Now Making Army Boots for Soldiers

Tuesday morning on FOX and Friends, CEO of Kachorovska, Alina Kachorovska, explained how her fashion footwear company has scrapped their spring and summer line to make army boots to provide war-time gear to soldiers instead. 

Kachorovska shared that when her company began receiving requests from territorial defenses and the military for army boots, they quickly initiated the project to produce them. Kachorovska explained that her fashion footwear company has never made army boots, and they did not have the materials needed to produce them, so they gathered several other factories together who pooled their resources to be able to manufacture the boots. They are also gathering donations to be able to respond to the hundreds of requests that they are receiving for more combat boots. 


So far, they have produced 1,300 pairs of boots and have already sent 750 pairs to different parts of Ukraine. Kachorovska shared that her factory is located not far from Kyiv, and her town has seen bombing. She expressed her overwhelming gratitude for her courageous workers who are brave enough to continue manufacturing the boots to support Ukrainian soldiers. 


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