Ukrainian Journalist Describes Invasion as “Historic Moment” That “Ruined the World”

Friday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed war correspondent Nataliya Gumenyuk who is reporting the situation from Ukraine. Gumenyuk, who admits she did not accept the notion of a full-scale invasion until the very last moment, shared that Ukrainians are fighting back, and she believes Putin likely thought it would be easier to take control. 

Gumenyuk and her husband, who is also a journalist, are still working along with other essential workers in Ukraine. She described that many Ukrainians sent their families, children, and parents to a safe place but stayed behind to fight or do their job. Gumenyuk stressed that this is a “historic moment” that has ruined the world we live in, adding that “this really is something which is changing the world order and something which is changing the rule of the 21st Century.” 

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