Ukrainian Leading Emergency Response Team Describes Chaos and Abandonment

Thursday morning on FOX and Friends, Ukrainian resident and CEO of Hatzalah Ukraine, Shlomo Rosilio shared an update on his evacuation efforts following the latest Russian attacks. Rosilio explained that everything is hectic in Ukraine, and though they prepared for weeks, many people are at a loss of what to do. 

Yesterday, Rosilio showed viewers the buses he had lined up for evacuation, but said today that drivers do not want to show up. He explained that everyone has panicked in the moment that everything erupted in chaos, and now he finds himself needing to execute a Plan B strategy. Rosilio showed a Ukrainian tank in the middle of the street where he is located, and said that there are soldiers stationed all over. Responding to the inquiry about civilians being given guns to defend themselves, Rosilio explained that he does not know where they are to be received. He also pointed out the overcrowded gas stations, severe traffic, and empty grocery stores as Ukrainians are rushing to leave. 


Rosilio, whose wife and three children were evacuated to Israel, vowed not to leave Ukraine until the last person left to help is brought to safety. Rosilio has pleaded for support for his emergency response organization, Hatzalah Ukraine, asking for donations through his website


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