Ukrainian Leading Evacuation Effort Describes Challenges Getting Fuel

Wednesday morning on FOX and Friends, Shlomo Rosilio, the CEO of the emergency response organization Hatzalah Ukraine, provided an update on evacuation conditions. Rosilio, who previously joined FOX and Friends to explain his efforts evacuating Ukrainians in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion, has been providing transportation out of Ukraine for people in need. 

Rosilio described the challenges with transportation, especially the high fuel costs which are around $3/liter, which ends up being around $2,000 for one trip for his bus. He added that on top of high costs, it is also difficult to find fuel as many gas stations are only allowing drivers to fill no more than 10 liters of their tank, which is “basically nothing.” They are also struggling to get medical supplies which are needed for tending to the health of those being evacuated.


Still, Rosilio is committed to finding fuel and getting people out safely. He shared that they rescued one young boy who was roaming around alone and were able to get him safely to Israel. Rosilio has expressed his sincere gratitude for the help they have received so far and is asking for assistance to continue their evacuation efforts by going to to give support. 


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