Ukrainian Mother and Refugee Describes Escape to Poland

Friday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Valeriia Krishchuk, a Ukrainian refugee who is traveling with her 4-year-old daughter after her husband stayed behind to defend their country. Krishchuk described the heartbreaking journey she and her family have endured since quickly leaving their home after Russia’s invasion. 

Krishchuk explained that she and her husband took turns driving six days nonstop to get to the Polish border. Though she begged her husband to stay with her and her daughter once they arrived, he stayed behind in Ukraine believing that he needed to be there to fight for his country and the Western world. Krishchuk has made stops at refugee camps and is hoping to get to America. However, the process is challenging as she explained that at the moment, the American Consulate does not have a refugee process, and she has applied for a tourist visa.

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