University Student Challenges Media Over Their Supposed Fight Against ‘Disinformation’

Friday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Evita Duffy, a University of Chicago student and managing editor of the ‘Chicago Thinker’ to discuss journalist Anne Applebaum’s dismissive response to Hunter Biden’s laptop at a conference on “disinformation and the erosion of democracy.”

Duffy explained that Applebaum’s response that she is simply “not interested” in Hunter Biden’s laptop is not believable since the media has been trying to shut down the story from the moment it came out. After attending the conference, Duffy recognized that those who led it do not actually care about “rooting out disinformation” because the whole time they focused on “taking back power” saying that “they need the corporate mainstream media to take back the gatekeeping power that they had before social media,” noting that it “democratized information” which they want to bring to an end. 

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