VA Police Department Offers 15K Bonus for New Recruits to Solve Staffing Issue

Fairfax County Police Chief Kevin Davis joined Ainsley Earhardt on FOX and Friends Friday morning to discuss the low staffing issue their police department is facing with nearly 200 vacancies. Desperate for officers, Davis is offering a $15,000 signing bonus. As the largest police department in the commonwealth of Virginia, the vacancies have weakened the police force by 10 percent. 

Davis explained that with officers leaving the force, including those on patrol and detectives working cases, caseloads have gone up for the remaining officers, and they need the help to deliver the same quality of services. Davis added that they want to offer police officers the lifestyle they would like to live, and having enough people to fill the positions will help make that possible. 


Things are starting to look up, Davis shared, noting that the police department is hosting their largest police academy class in a number of years with 40 recruits. He noted that the bonus may have been a factor, and hopes more people will join. 


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